Monthly Archive: November 2008

Twitter Summary for 2008-11-21 0

Twitter Summary for 2008-11-21

bombarded by annoying sound today. It’s apparently still ‘crappy cover week’ on the radio. I wish I could control the ceiling speaker. # …not to mention the hammering, drilling, pounding and otherwise making construction...

Veteran of the Wrathgate 3

Veteran of the Wrathgate

I’m stunned…speechless, absolutely amazed at what Blizzard just showed me in Wrath of the Lich King. I just finished the quest Return to Angrathar and was simply blown away by the cinematic that was...

Dear Government….Screw you 0

Dear Government….Screw you

I’m so livid right now.  Secy Paulson just announced that instead of using the $700,000,000,000 $800,000,000,000 that they needed to borrow from us to make sure people would stay in their houses and to...

Croup Conundrum 0

Croup Conundrum

Croup sucks.  Super-paranoid Daddy is nervous enough about his little man without Croup on the menu. I hate it! I’m sure Mom has a better write-up.