Monthly Archive: December 2008

2008-12-31’s Tweets 0

2008-12-31’s Tweets

great…they’re doing freq sweeps on the other side of the wall # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Daily List 0

Daily List

Daily List 0

Daily List

FBI’s Code Cracking Challenge 09. Drip drip drop goes the Win7 Betarz (B 7k). Poor man’s Tripod by Chris of Tips from the Top Floor.  Take a piece of string twice your height, tie...

Daily List 0

Daily List

Beware the Digital Photo players! Also reported in Engadget.

2008-12-24’s Tweets 0

2008-12-24’s Tweets

So happy that it’s fake-friday. # Taco Express is teh r0xxrz! Must take @arijem there. # It’s Christmas time in my head. Is it can be go hoam time nao plz? </lolcat> # Powered...

uPromise Turbosaver 0

uPromise Turbosaver

I just can’t believe that I’ve gone so long without noticing that uPromise has a Firefox extension that will tell you that the site you’re on has a uPromise affiliation. For the uninitiated, upromise...

Daily List 0

Daily List

::crickets::  The hyperweb is silent today.  Here’s hoping it’s a time of rest and reflection regarding the impending holiday. On another note, I have startend trying to adopt the term hyperweb to be the...

New Theme 0

New Theme

This one should load quite a bit faster and achieves a very similar look.

Daily List 4

Daily List

Give Flickr a decent background! Hmmm, LifeGem sounds cool…much cooler (and more expensive) than Huggable Urns.  This got me looking at green options for my ultimate demise.  Check out EcoPods.  Not so stoked about...

Twitter Summary for 2008-12-19 0

Twitter Summary for 2008-12-19

I’m getting rid of popcorn balls finally, thanks I’m sure to CA’s influence. # Powered by Twitter Tools.