Daily Archive: December 15, 2008

Twitter Summary for 2008-12-15 0

Twitter Summary for 2008-12-15

I wasn’t aware that the classifications ‘human’ and ‘dancer’ were mutually exclusive. Seriously, brain-up your songs! # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Daily List 0

Daily List

OS X 10.5.6 Released! WoW Mod: Viper Notify I need to watch the Heroic Thaddius video. FirePhorm firefox plugin.  For those of you who have evil ISP’s.  Research Phorm if you’re interested.  Steve Gibson...

Engine Updated 0

Engine Updated

I updated the blog engine to 2.7, if stuff is borkt, please let me know.  If all goes well here, I’m thinking about updating @arijem and @maus-tales as well.