Arden Weekly – Father’s Day Edition

IMG_4893Hullo one, hullo all!  Happy (naturally belated) Father’s Day to all you fathers!!  Arden was a great little buddy for me on that day, helped me run to the store for steaks and beer, took me fishing and showed me how to hook the tastiest ones.  When we got back home he was a great helper with the grilling.  He helped carry the charcoal, uncovered the grill with me, and made sure the lighter went off when told to.  It was a lot of fun, and a truly special day.  Many thanks to Arden and @arijem for all the care, laughs and love.

Saturday was garage sale day, we hit a couple decent ones then cruised around a little bit.  We chanced across a sign and decided to go with the winds and follow it.  We had been halfway looking for a table for a while, but haven’t found anything we loved for a price we could live with…until this one.  AJ saw a bunch of chairs and a table in front of this place, and we had to stop and check it out.  Short story even shorter we walked (read: drove) away with a new table and only $10 lighter.  It’s not in perfect condition, but it’s certainly more than acceptable, the chairs are in pretty good shape and will surely get us taken care of.  The best part is that Arden can set this table (which he loves) and climb up on these chairs much more safely.  It’s really been something that has spurred his amazing growth.  Every day seems to bring new talents to this boy’s arsenal.  It’s great.

One of the neatest new tricks is nearly perfect emulation of his beloved mother or acceptable father, most recently he’s been joining us in our mealtime prayers.  He’ll usually have started his supper as soon as it’s within reach, but fairly commonly he’ll drop it as soon as we start praying, clasp his hands together and be very quiet while we pray.  When the, “Amen” comes, he echoes back with a mighty, “AMEN!”

He’s also been quite interested in spending time with me lately.  I think I’ve told you before how he’ll latch on to me as I leave for work and say, “Bye Mommy”, but lately he’s been both asking and telling me when it’s time to go outside to play or down to the store.  I used to ask him something like, “Are you ready to go, buddy?” or tell him, “Let’s go, buddy” but now he’s turned the tables on me and is quite adamant that we “Gobuddy”, or excited to jump in the car and “Go   bud  dee?”  It’s simply adorable.

Until next time,



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