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Arden Weekly-Valentine’s day 0

Arden Weekly-Valentine’s day

Today marks the first Arden Weekly…and hopefully not the last.  Anyhow, these will be short updates with your favorite firstborn son of mine as the star. Today was Valentine’s day, and Arden was a...

Croup Conundrum 0

Croup Conundrum

Croup sucks.  Super-paranoid Daddy is nervous enough about his little man without Croup on the menu. I hate it! I’m sure Mom has a better write-up.

Happy 10 Arden! 0

Happy 10 Arden!

Woo Spookerbear!  Hope you have a great 10-monthday!  You’re getting so big and have always been such a joy to have around. Love you! Dad

Busy as a 9 month old can be! 0

Busy as a 9 month old can be!

I’m writing this at the end of what I’m told is Arden’s busiest day so far. From what I saw of him (and the tornado-ravaged house) I’m inclined to agree. Mom said he delighted...

Yes, we still exist! 0

Yes, we still exist!

It’s been practically forever since I’ve last updated this. I feel pretty pitiful for that. At least there’s a lot of news to report! So last time I wrote anything our little duder was...

Been a long time 0

Been a long time

To everyone who has been Arden-starved, I apologize. It’s been too much fun just playing with him and watching him grow to actually sit down and write about it. Things are going very very...

Uncle Sean’s First Visit 0

Uncle Sean’s First Visit

Arden got a visitor this weekend, two actually! Uncle Sean and his Betty-girl came up to visit for the weekend. It was so great to be able to see them together, I think they...

Catching Up 0

Catching Up

Oh so much has happened in the last week I’ve been quite awful at keeping this updated. Nevertheless it was a big 3rd week of life here in Ardenville. He had a check-up on...