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2010-02-05’s Tweets 0

2010-02-05’s Tweets

RT @dealsplus: Hey, retweet this to win an iPhone 3GS today! Don't forget to follow @dealsplus. # @instanceshow Sure, why not?! in reply to instanceshow # Ahh <3 friday. Work peoples and I...

2010-02-03’s Tweets 0

2010-02-03’s Tweets

RT @dealsplus: Just retweet this to win Apple products every day! Don't forget to follow @dealsplus. # Powered by Twitter Tools

2010-01-29’s Tweets 0

2010-01-29’s Tweets

Ultimate Netflix Wii FAQ #dailylist # Sikuli Automates Almost Anything with Screenshot Ease – Automation – Lifehacker #dailylist # Powered by Twitter Tools

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2010-01-28’s Tweets

Ugh….why are there no good (free) python IDE's # Video of today's Apple event is now available #dailylist # Powered by Twitter Tools

2010-01-27’s Tweets 0

2010-01-27’s Tweets

RT @alexlindsay: […] why people don't trust the US Government Health Officials when they say things are safe (or dange… # this Apple event is pretty intense…I don't smoke, but I think I'll...

2010-01-26’s Tweets 0

2010-01-26’s Tweets

Dear internet, when I go to a show's website I want freakin EPISODES, not some bullcrap behind-the-scenes hootinany! # Powered by Twitter Tools