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2009-05-10’s Tweets 0

2009-05-10’s Tweets

@lizardbeth but you know they will be until they’re not a “statement” thing…like when rest of the world starts caring about sustainability… # Finally got around to installing my copy of Win7RC1, gotta say,...

2009-05-09’s Tweets 0

2009-05-09’s Tweets

@grammargirl I guess I’ll have to consider if I’ll be shunned more for ‘champing’ or ‘chomping’ then. 😀 Thanks for the reply. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

2009-04-20’s Tweets 0

2009-04-20’s Tweets

@Lizardbeth I wouldn’t call it crazy, you’re just overcoming a stigma…whether you instituted it or not. See “Sanitation Engineer” 4 silly in reply to Lizardbeth # @Lizardbeth less twittering…more being in the kitchen making...

2009-04-19’s Tweets 0

2009-04-19’s Tweets

@arijem and I are finally catching up on Lost…in total neglect of any sort of sleep, but it’s been a blast so far. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

2009-04-18’s Tweets 0

2009-04-18’s Tweets

@wowinsider 73 # @WoWInsider Ragnaros FTW in reply to WoWInsider # @WoWInsider Hunter easily…definitely hunter. in reply to WoWInsider # Powered by Twitter Tools.