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2009-01-07’s Tweets 0

2009-01-07’s Tweets

I wasn’t necessarily impressed with the Apple Keynote. I’d have loved for the Steve to be the “One more thing”..even if he just said ‘hi’ # Powered by Twitter Tools.

2009-01-06’s Tweets 0

2009-01-06’s Tweets

so far less suck in the day, even though I forgot to finish getting dressed and walked out the door in an undershirt. Yay for jacket @ work # Powered by Twitter Tools.

2008-12-24’s Tweets 0

2008-12-24’s Tweets

So happy that it’s fake-friday. # Taco Express is teh r0xxrz! Must take @arijem there. # It’s Christmas time in my head. Is it can be go hoam time nao plz? </lolcat> # Powered...