MiT Gr8 1

Turtle Racing 0

Turtle Racing

My course instructor took us out to Brennan’s Pub last night were we took in supper, a few Guinnesses and the Turtle Racing.  More later, class.

Happy 10 Arden! 0

Happy 10 Arden!

Woo Spookerbear!  Hope you have a great 10-monthday!  You’re getting so big and have always been such a joy to have around. Love you! Dad

Standing in the shadow of giants 0

Standing in the shadow of giants

…and I am not afraid. After a delightfully long flight from Minneapolis to LA, I’m here!  The area I’m in is surrounded by huge names in business.  My hotel is right across from Mattel,...

Busy as a 9 month old can be! 0

Busy as a 9 month old can be!

I’m writing this at the end of what I’m told is Arden’s busiest day so far. From what I saw of him (and the tornado-ravaged house) I’m inclined to agree. Mom said he delighted...

Yes, we still exist! 0

Yes, we still exist!

It’s been practically forever since I’ve last updated this. I feel pretty pitiful for that. At least there’s a lot of news to report! So last time I wrote anything our little duder was...

Been a long time 0

Been a long time

To everyone who has been Arden-starved, I apologize. It’s been too much fun just playing with him and watching him grow to actually sit down and write about it. Things are going very very...

Uncle Sean’s First Visit 0

Uncle Sean’s First Visit

Arden got a visitor this weekend, two actually! Uncle Sean and his Betty-girl came up to visit for the weekend. It was so great to be able to see them together, I think they...

Catching Up 0

Catching Up

Oh so much has happened in the last week I’ve been quite awful at keeping this updated. Nevertheless it was a big 3rd week of life here in Ardenville. He had a check-up on...