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Me So Seepy 0

Me So Seepy

Quick update, everything has been going quite well here at home. Arden is adjusting to having Ensel, Mom and I are still working on that a little bit though. Milk has started to come...

Arden Weekly – Firecracker Edition 1

Arden Weekly – Firecracker Edition

Parts of body, butt, elbow, knee…etc driving Arden has been even more fun this week than he was last.  The weather has been nice enough for us to get outside and be silly some,...

Arden Weekly – Zoo be zoobe doo Edition 0

Arden Weekly – Zoo be zoobe doo Edition

Hi howdy hey!  It’s been a crazy week here again.  Strap yourselves in, it’s going to be that way all summer, I’m afraid.  They’ve been good great weeks (at least at home), though, so...

Arden Weekly – Tut Tut Edition 0

Arden Weekly – Tut Tut Edition

It’s been a fairly drippy week, so not a whole lot of updates.  Arden’s continuing to amaze us with all his new words, and how quickly he’s picking them up.  With the rainy weather...

Arden Weekly – Snip Snip…SNAPPY Edition 2

Arden Weekly – Snip Snip…SNAPPY Edition

Remember that picture of Shagg-a-doo Arden for a little bit.  You’ll be seeing a whole different guy soon.  A much bigger looking guy. It’s been a short week, since I just wrote a few...

Arden Weekly – Finally 1

Arden Weekly – Finally

I’m terribly sorry that it’s been a few weeks sans Arden Weekly.  It’s been crazymode around here lately.  Uncle Kyle graduated, Dad’s cousin had her baby shower, we put in a garden…it’s been NUTZO! ...

Arden Weekly – Mother’s Day Edition 1

Arden Weekly – Mother’s Day Edition

What a busy week!!!  Arden finally got those bottom two molars in.  Well, one looks to be about 75% through, the other is all there, just needs to biggify.  To distract us from the...

Revision to Arden Weekly. 0

Revision to Arden Weekly.

Sorry, I just realized that I forgot one of the stories in Arden [almost] Weekly.  I was reminded of it by a beautiful book display in the living room.  Please see the updated section.

Arden [almost] Weekly 1

Arden [almost] Weekly

I’m very sorry about missing last week’s Arden Weekly.  We went up North to see Mom-side family and I just got too busy with the rest of the week.  So…what’s new? You wouldn’t believe...