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2009-07-04’s Tweets 0

2009-07-04’s Tweets

It's so much more fun to "that's what she said" stuff that doesn't even remotely make sense. But only among people who use it correctly. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

2009-07-02’s Tweets 0

2009-07-02’s Tweets

Writing last week's Arden Weekly…finally. 😛 # Server will be right back, allocating the VM a bit more pie. # It's back! Consume Arden Weekly! http://bit.ly/Mzqs1 # @acedtect Theory I've heard floating is it'll...

2009-07-01’s Tweets 0

2009-07-01’s Tweets

let's go home! # Ooh, that sounds fun, @arijem just called to say that she and Arden were playing with RL Fire trucks, police cars, etc. Wish I was there # User friendliness, new...

2009-06-30’s Tweets 2

2009-06-30’s Tweets

sneaking suspicion that @arijem has been pulling carpet. Granted it was in a stupid, STUPID place (around terlit). # another fun url: vegastripping.com. Is it vegas tripping or vega stripping? 😀 (Former) # If...

2009-06-29’s Tweets 0

2009-06-29’s Tweets

@rjonasson Yeah…Had a Lost Catch-up mini-marathon and saw every shade of craptastic behavior from ABC's video "player" in reply to rjonasson # I've seen memorial plaques that were every kind of sad,[…] never seen...

2009-06-26’s Tweets 0

2009-06-26’s Tweets

@LayersTV_RC I'm sure you'll be hearing @scottbourne gush about @drobo….that would be my suggestion too, Drobo Pro 4 u! in reply to LayersTV_RC # @randydeluxe, @extralife I'll give you a cookie if you make...

2009-06-25’s Tweets 0

2009-06-25’s Tweets

@rjonasson a non-database tool 😛 in reply to rjonasson # @rjonasson Microsoft: "Because changing things for no good reason is what we do best." in reply to rjonasson # Server going down for a...

2009-06-24’s Tweets 0

2009-06-24’s Tweets

@ScottBourne I bet you're right. in reply to ScottBourne # VIZIO Internet App HDTVs launch later this year, for less than you might expect http://bit.ly/2hqCmX #dailylist # GG Microsoft…G G. Outlook 2010 to use...

2009-06-23’s Tweets 0

2009-06-23’s Tweets

@csn_al trust me, they all feel the same…especially me. in reply to csn_al # Prepping Arden Weekly – Father's Day Edition # @rjonasson it appears legit, here's discussion on how it works http://bit.ly/smVj8 and...