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2009-11-03’s Tweets 0

2009-11-03’s Tweets

RT @Weezer: Raditude is literally minutes away – Weezer-lanche of digital goodies: … http://bit.ly/2cHsSL from =w= Myspace. # Hooray for having a 2-year old trick-or-treater in the house. He's cute enough to get phat...

2009-10-29’s Tweets 0

2009-10-29’s Tweets

RT @donttrythis: RT @schuetzdj: Busting healthcare myths! Read it! http://bit.ly/1AV1r # Losing Net Neutrality: The Worst Case Scenario – Net neutrality chart – Gizmodo http://bit.ly/4AwxS6 # Powered by Twitter Tools

2009-10-27’s Tweets 0

2009-10-27’s Tweets

RT @t3ddymac: Great out of the box small business software consolidation with Quickbooks, Zimbra, and SugarCRM. http://bit.ly/ZUqGS # Powered by Twitter Tools

2009-10-24’s Tweets 0

2009-10-24’s Tweets

RT @datasync: Curious to see what our customers have to say about […] DataSync? Check out our testimonials: http://bit.ly/3CFM24 # Powered by Twitter Tools

2009-10-20’s Tweets 0

2009-10-20’s Tweets

RT @notpatrick: [Vid] Split screen: God's scientific / Science's mystic story of the world. Very clever! http://bit.ly/3p9n1e (via @lesgeeks # World of Raids | Introducing the World of Raids Guild Recruitment Tool http://bit.ly/1bhcMx #dailylist...