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2009-05-16’s Tweets 0

2009-05-16’s Tweets

@rjonasson Give you a dollar if you run out of the room screaming and trying to put out imaginary fire. in reply to rjonasson # Powered by Twitter Tools.

2009-05-15’s Tweets 0

2009-05-15’s Tweets

for #credos and #qp: lul im makin pasta lul # for #credos: just tied my shoe lace tighter…maybe too tight. # @wowinsider Super Simian Sphere if you haven’t done it yet. Too funny. #wow...

2009-05-14’s Tweets 0

2009-05-14’s Tweets

@rjonasson Care to try some glovia? ūüėÄ # sounds like the perfect time to try out the “new” wine glasses we got at our wedding. # Shhhh….don’t tell anyone but, sockfeet @ work FTW!...

2009-05-13’s Tweets 0

2009-05-13’s Tweets

testing my Evernote accout hooking @myEN. Great idea Evernote gurus! # http://bit.ly/CClO1 via @addthis O.o!!!! o.O!!!!!! ZOMZ!!!! # @lizardbeth & @rjonasson who knows if I’ll even be able to afford an iPhone. Maybe I...

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Daily List

Tweet to Evernote. Randall Schwarts on dynamically typed language benefits.

2009-05-12’s Tweets 0

2009-05-12’s Tweets

Programming glovia is like cooking with boxing gloves on…and no stove…or food…underwater…………while somehow on fire. # I’d have this screen done a thousand times in pretty much any other language, even if I had...

2009-05-11’s Tweets 0

2009-05-11’s Tweets

@Lizardbeth O.o now I’m scarred…I used to like you. in reply to Lizardbeth # Getting prepped for Arden Weekly…hope to have it up by 10. Shouldn’t have started the shiraz quite yet though. #...

2009-05-10’s Tweets 0

2009-05-10’s Tweets

@lizardbeth but you know they will be until they’re not a “statement” thing‚Ķlike when rest of the world starts caring about sustainability‚Ķ # Finally got around to installing my copy of Win7RC1, gotta say,...

2009-05-09’s Tweets 0

2009-05-09’s Tweets

@grammargirl I guess I’ll have to consider if I’ll be shunned more for ‘champing’ or ‘chomping’ then. ūüėÄ Thanks for the reply. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

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Daily List

Bring Twitter into GMail. Funny: This was sent out in a newsletter I’m forcabley subscribed to.¬† Someone had to be pulling an April Fools joke on the author: “1.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Word of the Week Meatspace:...