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Garden Weekly – Week 4 0

Garden Weekly – Week 4

AJ had to replant our sunflowers…they were eaten by either dirty-bum birds or stupid-bum rabbits.  We hateses them, precious….only when they’re in our garden.

Garden Weekly – Week 3 0

Garden Weekly – Week 3

Weeds??? WEEEDS!  DIE!!!!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAWR!!!!  Corn is doing quite well, as is pretty much everything else, except the nicotinas…they’re making the sacrifice for everything else.  Carrots are even starting to look like carrots.  Can we...

Garden Weekly – Week 2 1

Garden Weekly – Week 2

Lots of nice, vitalizing rain this week, but just the right amount, around here.  I was a bit concerned that not much would be popping up since there hasn’t been a bunch of sun...