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Happy New 2

Happy New

Well hello everybody!  I’m breaking my trend of total silence on this eve of great change in my life.  Tomorrow I start my new job.  I’ll get back to doing what I love, as...

Me So Seepy 0

Me So Seepy

Quick update, everything has been going quite well here at home. Arden is adjusting to having Ensel, Mom and I are still working on that a little bit though. Milk has started to come...

Blog Updatified! 0

Blog Updatified!

There, now that all the annoying catch-up work is done my blog backend is finely (and finally) tuned. Expect me to post more soon!

Daily List 0

Daily List

Tech: Batteries with built-in chargers. Food: Free food too good to be true?  “We do not except [sic] coupon[…]”