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2009-11-16’s Tweets 0

2009-11-16’s Tweets

'tis a misty-moisty morning. Going to have to pull out my leather suit and find somebody to chance across and compliment. # Powered by Twitter Tools

2009-11-14’s Tweets 0

2009-11-14’s Tweets

@Rhidach You still need a Wave invite for your bud? in reply to Rhidach # @rjonasson Oh, so you still need drivers, huh? 😛 in reply to rjonasson # @rjonasson Ouch, touché in reply...

2009-11-13’s Tweets 0

2009-11-13’s Tweets

@Randydeluxe "when are the soylent green FigurePrints due out?" in reply to Randydeluxe # Still haven't heard anything about the house. Hopefully that means they're furiously putting together a huge offer, but I somehow...

2009-11-12’s Tweets 0

2009-11-12’s Tweets

Welcome to the twitters, @epitomeguild # Wahoo! Somebody wants to look at our house tomorrow. Wish us luck! # @instanceshow /dance! in reply to instanceshow # Powered by Twitter Tools

2009-11-11’s Tweets 0

2009-11-11’s Tweets

OOoooh, I got into the retweet betar! # Anyone else with a Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning 10-day trial just get an email about it now being an Endless Free Trial? # @jwow Oooooooh....

2009-11-09’s Tweets 0

2009-11-09’s Tweets

Dear body, going to bed early is supposed to make you feel _more_ refreshed in the morning, not less, silly. Love, Brain # Powered by Twitter Tools