Daily Archive: June 1, 2009

Arden Weekly – Finally 1

Arden Weekly – Finally

I’m terribly sorry that it’s been a few weeks sans Arden Weekly.  It’s been crazymode around here lately.  Uncle Kyle graduated, Dad’s cousin had her baby shower, we put in a garden…it’s been NUTZO! ...

Daily List 0

Daily List

Linux: Fedora 11 coming very soon!  I may have to rock it out…might even upgrade my server to precompiled mods!…hmmm Motion sensing for 360. Windows Assembly IDE.  (see also Mac PDP-8 Simulation)

2009-06-01’s Tweets 0

2009-06-01’s Tweets

@WoWInsider Probably Mimiron, he’s a pain, but is a nice twist. in reply to WoWInsider # @rjonasson I thought there was a hulu for 360 Gold already. I’m not sure. Apple TV / Mac...