Arden Weekly – Finally


I’m terribly sorry that it’s been a few weeks sans Arden Weekly.  It’s been crazymode around here lately.  Uncle Kyle graduated, Dad’s cousin had her baby shower, we put in a garden…it’s been NUTZO!  Anyhow, our little guy has been just impressive as heck lately.  His phrases are really coming together nicely, and not only the embarassing stuff like, “Daddy burped!!!”  but full out constructed phrases like, “Puppy!  Peek puppy” (“Oooh, I heard a puppy, let’s peek at the puppy”) and is getting great with saying “bye bye” to things.  “bye bye puppy,” “bye bye horses”, etc.  It’s a blast.


One of his cooler tricks lately has been tip-toeing, or “tippy toe, tippy toe!!”  He really seems to love doing it, and I’m pretty impressed with his balance while doing so.  Though, there are still times where he’ll just randomly faceplant when walking normally.  It’s gotta be tough being 18 months old, but at least he’s pretty close to the  ground.

img_4456Arijem and Arden went up to the North and helped with Uncle Kyle’s graduation preparation.  I guess he was quite the chef and a great helper all around.  It did seem to wear him out though.

img_4522He’s been incredibly sweet lately, and awfully fun, he’s  been teasing both me and Mommy quite a bit, and it’s been great!

img_4573As I said in our intro, we planted our garden this most recent weekend.  Arden was, as always, a great helper-bear.  When he wasn’t in the mood to play in the dirt (not much, really, he is a boy after all) he loved going on rides with Mom or Dad.  I took him on a nice long walk in his stroller to see the horses at one point, and for a few wheelbarrow rides, Mom mostly chased him around the yard.  It was a blast.

For a good deal of the gardening, the cousins were around.  It was a nice break to have some more company around, and well worth the added stress of having 3 more people stuffed in our home.  I was glad they could be here.


Again, I’m very sorry to have missed the last few posts.  I hope to keep updated more frequently in the future.

Until next time, much love to all,


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1 Response

  1. uncle dave says:

    Hey Chris, don’t beat yourself up, just do the best you can and your friends will love you anyway, and your uncle

    Arden is growing so fast, it was good to see you all last week.

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